EPRI EMF Exposure Database: Electrical Workers Data Set

This abstract describes the final report (EPRI TR-107061) for this data set.

Last updated: September 5, 1997

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T. Dan Bracken, Inc.
5415 S.E. Milwaukie Avenue, Suite 4
Portland, Oregon, 97202, USA


This document describes the Electrical Workers Data Set containing the measurement data collected during the EPRI-sponsored Assessment of Electromagnetic Fields Exposure by Job Title (RP 799-27). The data were supplied to the EPRI EMF Exposure Database by the original researchers at the University of Southern California (USC). The Electrical Workers data set contains six data products that reflect the two aspects of the study: measurements of exposures and estimates of time spent performing tasks. These data products are: the binary and ASCII time-series files of individual measurements; summaries for each task (Individual Task), summaries for each type of task within a measurement session (Consolidated Task) and summaries for each measurement session for a worker ; and a file with the EMDEX coil calibrations. The time-series files contain over 8,000,000 records, where each record represents a measurement with an EMDEX data logger. The summary records in the Individual Task, Consolidated Task and Worker files contain a collection of calculated values for the measurements being summarized and categorical information about the measurement session and worker. The Task Time Estimation file contains estimates of time spent performing past and present tasks by company, occupational category and job title. The documentation contains a project synopsis, full descriptions of all data elements, and the format specification and size of each data product. The final report for the project and other references are relied upon to provide detailed descriptions of the study design, protocols and results.

Note: Distribution of the EPRI data sets is limited. For additional information, contact EPRI Project Manager, Randall Takemoto-Hambleton.