EPRI EMF Exposure Database: EMDEX Occupational Study Data Set

This abstract describes the final report (EPRI TR-107058) for this data set.

Last updated: September 5, 1997

Prepared by:

T. Dan Bracken, Inc.
5415 S.E. Milwaukie Avenue, Suite 4
Portland, Oregon, 97202, USA


This document describes the EMDEX Occupational Study (EOS) Data Set containing the measurement data collected during the EPRI-sponsored study, Electric and Magnetic Field Measurement Study for Utilities - The EMDEX Project (RP2966-01). The data were supplied to the EPRI EMF Exposure Database by the original researchers at T. Dan Bracken, Inc. Electric and magnetic field exposure data were collected by volunteer employees at 55 utility sites. Volunteers were placed in one of sixteen job classifications depending on their job title and work environment. They maintained a simple logbook while wearing an EMDEX meter, allowing the measurement data to be identified with one of eight work environments or one of three non-work environments. The fourteen data products in the EMDEX Occupational Study Data Set contain the electric and magnetic field personal exposure measurements collected during the study and summaries of those measurements along with associated descriptive information. The exposure measurement data products consist of time-series and summary files. The former are the binary and ASCII time-series files of individual field measurements that contain both electric and magnetic field data. These time-series files represent over 28,800,000 individual field measurements. Separate summary files for electric and magnetic field measurements represent six levels of aggregation of the data. The summarizations are: 1) occupied environment by partition (continuous period in an environment); 2) occupied environment by day, 3) occupied environment by entire measurement session; 4) occupied environment for work status (work/non-work) by day; 5) occupied environment for work status by session; and 6) occupied environment for worn status (meter worn/not-worn) by session. Records in the summary files contain a collection of calculated values for the measurements being summarized and categorical variables describing the session, worker, and environment. The documentation contains a project synopsis, full descriptions of all data elements, and the format and size of each data product. The final report for the project and other references are cited as sources of detailed information about study design, protocols, and results.

Note: Distribution of the EPRI data sets is limited. For additional information, contact EPRI Project Manager, Randall Takemoto-Hambleton.