EMF Measurements
        Database, an EMF RAPID Program Engineering Project Last updated: June 24, 1997

The EMF Measurements Database is interested in learning about any and all data sets in existence that contain electric and/or magnetic field measurement data. This form provides a way for you to make the Database aware of these data sets. The Database will contact potential contributors of data to evaluate their availability and condition.

If your web browser is not forms-capable, you may download a Postscript version of the form which you can print on suitable printers, or you may contact us and request that we send you a hardcopy of the form.

    Contact Information

  1. Please provide the full name of a person that we can contact regarding this data:
  2. What is the name of the organization associated with this person?
  3. Please provide a full mailing address for this person:
  4. What is the phone number for this person, including area code?
  5. What is the fax number for this person, including area code?
  6. What is the Internet e-mail address for this person?
  7. What is the homepage URL for this person or organization, if any?

  8. Data Set Description

  9. Data Set Title:
  10. Type of measurements:
    Personal Exposure Measurements
    Area Measurements
    Source Measurements
  11. What is the general location where measurements were collected?
  12. Please describe the geographic location where the data were collected:
  13. Please indicate the time period (starting date, ending date of data collection) during which measurements were made for the study:
  14. Please indicate the general methodology used to select the sample for measurements:
  15. Please describe the sampled population(s) and the sample size(s):
  16. Please describe any restrictions or reservations on the distribution of the data:
  17. Please describe the current format of the data and how the format is documented:

  18. Study/Project Information

  19. Please indicate the name of the study or project that generated the data:
  20. Please indicate the Principal investigator(s) and their affiliation(s):
  21. Please indicate the sponsors of the study:
  22. Please provide an abstract describing the study (if more convenient, send a hardcopy or e-mail separately):
  23. Please indicate the purpose of the study:
  24. Please list any publications describing the study:

  25. Measurements

  26. Please list the physical quantities that were measured during the study. For each, please include the type of measurement (Personal Exposure, Area or Source characterization), the physical quantity (such as 60-Hz magnetic field), the instrument used to measure the physical quantity, the sampling interval (in the case of time-series measurements) and the sampling duration (the approximate length of time over which each subject was sampled).



  27. Instrumentation

  28. Please list the instumentation used in the study. For each, please include the instrument name (should correspond with the name used in the Measurements section above), the manufacturer (including contact information), the model and/or version number of the instrument, the type of software used with the instrument (including version numbers if available), an indication of the frequency response for the instrument, and the dynamic range of the instrument.



  29. Additional Comments

  30. Please provide any additional comments about the data set, this questionnaire, or the EMF Measurements Database in general, here:

Thank you very much for taking the time to provide the EMF Measurements Database with this information. Your assistance will help to make the Database a more useful resource for everyone.